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The Case For Good Graphic Design, or, Why You Should always hire a Professional Designer

First impressions last, and if your brand lacks a professional appearance, you are most likely losing customers or clients and negatively affecting the perception of your company unknowingly.

Your design conveys your brand personality to the market. It is the most important communication tool you have. If what your potential customers or clients see is a well-executed design that conveys a clear message, speaks to the right audience, and builds trust, you are more likely to achieve your business goals or reach your targets faster.

Professional graphic design can set your company apart and give you an advantage in an increasingly competitive business environment. And excellent design does just that for your image- it can transform your company from simply another face in the crowd to a stand-out success that gets noticed and rewarded consistently.

It has been proven time and time again that good design translates to increased sales, establishes brand recognition, builds trust and goodwill in the market and encourages brand loyalty. Here are three of the most important graphic design guidelines for any business to follow, no matter the size or industry category you are in:

Memorable image or following a fad? Your brand needs to be well-designed and executed in such a way that it ensures the longevity of the brand. Less is more, do not simply follow trends to get noticed in the short term. Fad designs mean you need to update your brand in the future and lose all the recognition traction you have gained. Stick to the classics. Professional graphic designers can help you identify an image that will stand the test of time.

Does the design support and enhance the product or service? Make sure your design expresses a message that supports your product or service. Good design can communicate a sense of exclusivity and luxury around a product, professionalism around a service or simply light-hearted fun around a brand. Your design must support, not contradict your product or service message.

Lastly, a professional design can be applied successfully in all formats across the board without losing quality or negatively affecting the essence of the brand. Whether the design is applied on traditional printed material, product labels, business cards or magazine editorial or viewed on a small mobile screen on a social media platform- the brand message is consistent, and the design is of the highest quality. Good graphic design is extremely adaptable like this. Your design needs to reproduce perfectly whether it is on a highway billboard or a web app, high-definition full colour or black and white newspaper snippet.

Aventur graphic designers have years of experience in professional design and are your go-to solution for getting your brand noticed, your message across to your audience and helping you to reach your business goals with the perfect branding. For us, good design comes first, because good design grows businesses.

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